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I have spent my entire career actively participating in our Commonwealth's justice system, and I would consider it an honor to lead the Chesterfield Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and shape the future of justice in my community.



Domestic violence, child abuse, and child neglect are the biggest problems facing our society. Individuals that grow up being abused or neglected or grow up witnessing abuse and neglect are far more likely to participate in those behaviors or other criminal behaviors than those who do not grow up in that environment.  If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the Chesterfield Police Department and Chesterfield Social Services streamline a process to work on these issues with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office, which will guarantee efficient and effective responses to all domestic abuse in our community. Children truly are our future, so we need to protect their future. I will work with the Chesterfield Police Department to utilize evidence-based prosecution in these cases, which will allow my office to protect the most vulnerable members of our community without requiring their testimony in court.


Human trafficking is a growing problem , but it can be stopped. I will partner with surrounding localities to create a regional task force to more effectively locate, arrest, and prosecute those responsible for these crimes. I also intend to help the victims of these crimes by working to increase community resources available to assist them in rebuilding their lives.


To curb the ongoing drug crisis in our society, there must be a joint effort to identify and fight the gang activity that aids in the distribution of illegal drugs while also helping addicts fight their addiction.  I will work cooperatively with the Chesterfield Police Department to curb gang activity in our county and keep the drug distributors and violent offenders off the street. We also need to strengthen local alternative programs for addicts in our society, to include increasing the number of sober living houses.


Violent crimes affect everyone in the community. I have extensive experience handling violent crimes of all types, and I will make successful prosecution of these cases one of my top priorities as your Commonwealth's Attorney. I will ensure that my office and the Chesterfield Police Department have a strong working relationship, which will allow us to keep you safe.


My office will actively work to prevent crime in our community before it starts. I will collaborate with all local agencies to help spread awareness of the symptom of substance abuse, physical and emotional abuse, and mental health crises, and we will ensure that community members know where they can find assistance for those with these problems. Additionally, I hope to have prosecutors interacting with young people to reduce drug abuse and violence in schools. 


The influx of large amounts of Body Worn Camera footage is a major concern for all in the criminal justice system. Under my leadership, the Chesterfield Commonwealth's Attorney's Office will diligently review all footage and share it with defense counsel. In addition to addressing the current pending cases, I pledge to work with the General Assembly and the Board of Supervisors to find the best answers for addressing staffing issues created by this technology.


I believe that every criminal offense in our community deserves attention and advocacy from the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney. Under my leadership, the office will again prosecute all jailable offenses in Chesterfield County.


Chesterfield is a large county with a booming population full of diversity. Your Commonwealth's Attorney's Office should reflect that diversity. If elected, I will intentionally seek out women and minorities to hire and promote in my office to ensure that my office is reflective of our community.


For too long the attorney's within the Chesterfield Commonwealth's Attorney Office have been allowed to function completely independent of one another, which results in no continuity of position when a case changes hands.  Under my leadership, a defined leadership structure and mandated vertical prosecution will be implemented, so that there is a uniformity to how cases are assessed. There will never be a hard and fast policy on what to do with any case because every case deserves to be assessed independently.

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